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JON      Jonathan D. Proulx   Infrastructure Group             Research staff
         <jon at>
         Supervisor: Jack Costanza
         Work: 32-243; x3-4746
         Web page:

↙ I look very little like my poster me and not me

I work here:

Well more specifically here:

I do a little of everything and a lot of:

I even wrote about it with a little help from my friends (ok A LOT of help from my friends)

I’m currently a “Sr. Technical Architect”. This is a rather interesting title as there are no other “Architects” technical or otherwise in my group. In fact the title didn’t exist until I was so created, but probably best not to look too deeply into these things …

I’ve setup many blogs, but so far have never actually posted to any of them. This one may be different but I wouldn’t count on it.